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I'm Katy Daixon Wimer, a photographer, writer, and soul dweller dedicated to telling your story and connecting you to yourself and others.

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My work and this site are devoted to love, deep connection, playfulness, and creative expression that will help you empower yourself and others.


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Let's build a sisterhood of beautiful, heart-centered women who want connection with themselves and others through creative expression and the healing arts.


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We all have a story to tell or a persona to embody and express. Check out our gallery of human interest projects to find out what our awesome clients are sharing with you.


Thank you for making me feel like the prettiest pregnant woman in the world. You are so sweet, friendly, professional and you like to listen to your customer’s opinions, too. Thank you for this great experience. I wish you best of luck.”
— Rimma


Our work leaves people feeling joyous and more deeply connected with themselves and others.

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