Session 1: June

This first session, while a warm-up, was a deep and beautiful first meeting for me and Erin. After a brief bout of yoga to stretch our bodies, I asked this series of questions to stretch Erin's mind and get her open and ready for her shoot:

  1. Why'd you want to do this project?
  2. How are you feeling as of late mind, body, and spirit?
  3. What is something you've envisioned since you found out you were pregnant? Good and/or bad?
  4. Anything random you want to share about yourself or recent personal life?
  5. What thought or piece of advice do you have for baby right now?
  6. What's heavy on your mind today?
  7. What makes you feel light?

I appreciated her patience with me as I fiddled with my voice recorder on my phone. Lol! I also greatly appreciated her receptivity. Her answers were thoughtful and honest.

To brief you: So far, physically, Erin is thirsty...constantly thirsty! And of course, she feels nauseous, but drinking tends to keep that at bay. She made me laugh but nod in understanding when she said, "I'm very happy that I'm sick because that's a good sign!" Being pregnant does, however, make her feel womanly, sexy, and awesome.

As far as what she's been thinking about a lot lately, she said pregnancy in this beginning stage feels intangible and unbelievable. 

“I know I’m guarded, right now, from fully rejoicing because of the loss we went through last time. For me, I need to get past the first trimester.”


When she addressed the spirit portion of my first question, I loved her response:

"I could probably use some spirit work. [Laughs] I think that I'm just wrapped up in the stresses with working and balancing things and this party coming up [her housewarming party] that I haven't explored spirit as much as I should right now. I feel really good when I'm out in nature, if I were to write, go for walks, go for hikes, be by myself. I used to make a lot of art. That was a great way [to explore spirit]. I haven't done that in a while. Listen to music. Talk with others. Just a matter of opening up is when I feel great. As far as an actual spirituality or religion...still working on that. [Laughs]"



“Please let my baby grow and be healthy today.”

She does say a daily prayer, though: "Please let my baby grow and be healthy today" which led to a discussion about manifesting wants based on healthy, good intentions. Instead of thinking, I don't want this or I don't want that, we talked about the importance of stating, I want this or that with the best of intentions, while also understanding that things do change and fluctuate and we cannot attach happiness to expectations, but to what is meant to be in each moment.



She keeps envisioning growth, a big belly, and repeats to her little one: Baby, be strong.

Her personal mantra? Stay calm. 

After talking about a few stressors, this is absolutely my favorite nugget of our first session (my apologies, in advance, for the weird sound that intensifies with my s's. I'll work on that for future voice clippings):

Honoring Ourselves and Our Limits


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