Robin's Weight-loss Journey

Robin has a zest for life that you rarely see in people, embracing travel and adventure to the max. Her laugh is even zesty, powerfully erupting from deep within. I've had the pleasure of working with Robin in The Body Project and we also have a shared interest in essential oils and a mutual friend we're both quite a fan of. What I love about Robin is that regardless of what she's been through in her life (and there are a handful of things not necessary to touch on), she chooses the side of acceptance and peace, dedication and fire. This project is nothing short of that. What we will document is her pure dedication to saving her own life. 

I’m finally taking my life in my hands.

On July 17, 2017 Robin will undergo gastric sleeve surgery. In the months to follow, she has to embrace an entirely new way of living and eating. Simply, she has to be even more mindful than she may be already. Aside from the inevitable weight-loss and reversal of her diabetes, Robin said that the biggest reason she's undergoing such a major surgery is because of her nephew who she wants to be able to sit with in a rollercoaster seat at Disney World in 2018 and know that he's safe. She said, "I'm finally taking my life in my hands." I said, "Yes! Rock on, girl! High five!" and we did, with tears in our eyes.

Join us as we document her journey once a month for a year, and please (even though she has a slew of cheerleaders, myself included, by her side) send her all the love and good vibes you can as she changes not only physically, but likely also mentally and spiritually. We're both not sure what to expect and we have a pseudo plan...and that pseudo plan is to not really follow a plan. We're embracing the adventure of it, true Robin-style.