Healing Arts

Need to destress and feel empowered? I can help with that!

Located in Whitewater, WI, Goddess Living Creative Healing Arts is for bodywork, breath-work, self-reflection, guidance, and most importantly, practicing presence. Your sessions are for learning to tune into your greatest teacher: yourself.

Dedicated to a one-on-one approach with occasional group work, come get to know your mind, body, and spirit so you can move toward healing and a deeper sense of self.

Where the magic happens.

Where the magic happens.

Why I Want To Guide You

I have been dedicated to the health and wellness of my mind, body, and spirit since 2005 when I began yoga classes at the University of Whitewater, Wisconsin and even moreso when I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy in 2007. I am self-taught in many areas of wellness through a variety of health and spiritual gurus both in my physical life and the virtual realm. Much of what brought me to a place of inner strength and peace came about with great dedication to self-care and sacred rituals.

After years of being on the self-love/healing/help/growth train, I have an arsenal of tools I'm dying to share with you beautiful people. These tools aid in curbing anxiety, self-doubt, stir-craziness, stuckness, and the all around mind, body, and spirit blues.

I want to help guide you out of your funk and into self-empowerment.




Goddess Session: $25/hr

These sessions are one-on-one mind, body, and spirit work through gentle yoga, breath-work, journaling, and powerful intention-setting. Sessions are tailored to what you specifically need for tackling your life with centeredness and greater self-awareness.

Required for your session: An open heart. An open mind. A sense of humor. A journal.

Strongly suggested but not required: A yoga mat

Personal Tarot and/or Astrology Chart Readings:

$50/hr. ($25/hr for local and first time clients)
$10 for a mind/body/spirit reading typed up

Desire insight around a particular issue in your life? Need clarification about a chosen direction? Seeking insight into what makes you tick and how to utilize those pieces of yourself? Spend 30min to an hour diving into a private tarot or astrology chart reading to strengthen personal knowledge and receive guidance back to your intuition.


Goddess Circles and Workshops: Price Varies depending on location, occasion, & length of event

Held on/around a New or Full Moons as well as changes of season, Goddess Circles are a mixture of the mind, body, and spirit work of Goddess Sessions with the addition of some intention setting, the burning of what we wish to release, and all around kick ass feminine juiciness and celebration of sisterhood.

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