Creative Projects

We all have a story to tell or a persona we want to embody and express. These awesome humans are sharing a piece of their soul with you. Guaranteed to inspire.



Helane's Sound Goddess Project


"I am her and she is me.
We are each other.
We read left to right; spirit reads right to left, the reflection in the mirror our ultimate healing force stopping the cycle of our spiraling thoughts."



Erin's Pregnancy Project


Erin is the loveliest. A perfect example of poise, grace, and gentleness. When she reached out to me in the spring of 2015 and asked if I'd document her pregnancy, I jumped at the chance and was even more thrilled when she said she wanted it to be in the style of The Body Project. Can. Do.  




Nicole's Personal Journey


From The Body Project to a "before" session documenting her current weight and interests in life, to a pinup calendar, Nicole is documenting herself in a number of ways as she journeys through the personal change that results from running a marathon in all 50 states. We're in for the long haul, people!


Brienne's Guerrilla Yoga Project


"You can do yoga in a business suit, a cocktail dress, sweatpants, jeans, pajamas, whatever. You don’t need to buy a lot of gear to take a moment, be present, contemplate the world around you and how you fit into it. And you don’t need more than 3x6 feet of space to get fit mentally and physically."


Read more of Brienne's unique thoughts about yoga and its benefits in our current world and the passion behind her moniker Guerrilla Yoga.





T.L.'s Emotions of An Artist Series


T.L. was interested in conveying a number of emotions, both theatrical and deeply real, in a series of photographs that represent all facets of her personality while expressing herself as an artist.


Melissa's Pinup Series

Get sassy and cheeky with Melissa.
Guaranteed to make you smile.


Rachael's Androgyny Project

Coming soon!