Spunky Kiddos = Playful Photos

The Schucht family has been with me since the very beginning of katy daixon photography, and I am filled with tremendous gratitude that they've stuck by me through all my shifting, growing, and changing, both in the business itself and in my craft. Documenting their growing family since their engagement photos way back when is such an honor, and I love each and every session's unique spirit.

Their kiddos are now 2 and 4, and boy are they feisty, spunky, and filled with so much love for each other. Elyse loves to watch big brother Griffen to see what he's up to and if she should do the same things he's doing. The challenge of capturing people's essences is fun for me, and these two make it even more of a spontaneous capture! I would have to say that their spirits were certainly caught on camera, and I couldn't stop smiling (or laughing!) while looking through their photos to grab some teasers.


All the love and affection. <3

Playground fun in their superhero costumes!

Lacey and Brad, much love to you guys! Thanks, again, and I look forward to years of capturing your family.


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Little Maggie's 1yr Portrait Session Adventure

Guys, I have to tell you, I have stalked Emily's Instagram page watching Maggie blossom from a teeny tiny newborn that I photographed a year ago into the beautiful one year old she is now.

Maggie about a month and a half old: November 2016.

Maggie about a month and a half old: November 2016.

I kept my fingers crossed hoping Emily would ask me to do her one year portraits. Lol! I just needed to capture her preciousness, especially those eyes!

Our one hour session was quite the adventure, as they often are with kiddos who've just learned to walk. :) Maggie ran the shoot and I happily tagged along. ;) Come with us as we journey about Edgewater Park in Williams Bay! Brace yourselves for cute.

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