The Body Project Session #3: Breaking Walls


Sunday was exhilarating, to say the least. The strong energy and resounding support ignited a fire in my soul and had me babbling non-stop when my husband came home. The session started as one would expect. The women trickled in, sat by those they already knew or eased into a conversation with someone with whom they felt an instant familiarity. When the first woman volunteered to start us off with the question, "Okay. Who wants to write on my butt cheeks?" I knew it was going to be an intimate (and interesting!) day.

the-body-project-katy-daixon-photographyFrom that point forward, the women rallied around each other to lift one another from any negative pit with hollers of motivation and plenty of ooos, aahs, and ow, ows! Some women who came in with one idea ended up changing it for something "scarier" because they felt at peace with who they were in that moment.

"This experience has reminded me that all women are strong, beautiful, and have more "balls" than everyone (including ourselves) even think!"

Acceptance. Own it!

"This has helped me to have more confidence, helped me to feel beautiful and comfortable in my own skin. Thank you. These are bold, beautiful, and amazing females."

Love yourself.


"This helped me realize that my body can be beautiful in so many other ways. Everybody has their own beauty."

Free & Fun!

I love us.

"I learned that I'm ok. I learned that I'm still sexy in my forties. I learned perfection is ridiculous for me to even consider--WHY? I'm a hot mama."

Wanders & Wonders. Creative.

"This is such an important thing to do for women, and I'm so excited this is happening! This is true spiritual healing and growth! So glad we're all coming together as a team rather than competition. I LOVE YOU!"

Stronger than you think.

"I learned to have a confidence in sharing things I thought were better kept to myself. We have more in common physically and spiritually than we do that's different."

Single is OK.

"I learned that even women who are strangers are kindred spirits and can empower each other to do things and be things they didn't know they could."

Strength and softness.

"My acceptance level of my body has increased. I care a little less about my 'tiger marks' and my extra weight."

Learning to love.

What got me was how normal it all felt, as if this is what women are like all the time. The positivity and love broke down any walls we'd placed around ourselves to protect our spirits from competition, judgement, and scorn. I thought I'd be overwhelmed by the number of women here, but the murmur of elated women talking each other up, analyzing parts of their bodies in a way that was completely matter of fact and lacking sexual inuendo (for a change), and relating to one another in ways we don't normally do on a daily basis helped me relax into my camera and place focus on the woman in front of me.



The day was incredible, and as always, as inspiring as the last few sessions. We are building toward a greater you AND us. Don't ever forget this.

Let go of your imperfections.