Robin's Mind, Body, and Spirit Transformation

Robin has a zest for life that you rarely see in people, embracing travel and adventure to the max. Her laugh is even zesty, powerfully erupting from deep within. I've had the pleasure of working with Robin in The Body Project and we also have a shared interest in essential oils and a mutual friend we're both quite a fan of. What I love about Robin is that regardless of what she's been through in her life (and there are a handful of things not necessary to touch on), she chooses the side of acceptance and peace, dedication and fire. This project is nothing short of that. What we will document is her pure dedication to saving her own life.

I’m finally taking my life in my hands.

On July 17, 2017 Robin will undergo gastric sleeve surgery. In the months to follow, she has to embrace an entirely new way of living and eating. Simply, she has to be even more mindful than she may be already. Aside from the inevitable weight-loss and reversal of her diabetes, Robin said that the biggest reason she's undergoing such a major surgery is because of her nephew who she wants to be able to sit with in a rollercoaster seat at Disney World in 2018 and know that he's safe. She said, "I'm finally taking my life in my hands." I said, "Yes! Rock on, girl! High five!" and we did, with tears in our eyes.

Join us as we document her journey once a month for a year, and please (even though she has a slew of cheerleaders, myself included, by her side) send her all the love and good vibes you can as she changes not only physically, but likely also mentally and spiritually. We're both not sure what to expect and we have a pseudo plan...and that pseudo plan is to not really follow a plan. We're embracing the adventure of it, true Robin-style.

Session 1: JUNE

Our first session was marked by one emotion—excitement. Robin had secured a date for her surgery: 7.17.17. "My surgeon was like, 'That's a very lucky day!'" She was doing everything in her power to prepare mentally and physically—trying to cut back on some of her indulgence foods so it wouldn't be such a blow to not include them in her diet post-surgery, and she was practicing taking one day at a time in order to keep calm and remember not to set too many expectations for the process. All that we had left to do besides sit and enjoy each other's company was document Robin before surgery. 

You got this, Robin. Let's rock it!



Session 2: JULY

Since July 17th was Robin's surgery, we had our interview over Facebook Messenger and opted out of photos right now to allow her to recover a bit more before our August session. Without further ado, here's the place Robin is in a little over one week since surgery.

This new stomach is no joke!

K: How's everything progressing? Any changes? Worries? Happinesses?

R: So far, everyone has been super supportive which is helpful. I had a few set backs last week, trying to do too much too soon and struggling to get my liquids in. It's hard learning how to do everything all over again. This new stomach is no joke! But I found a new, thinner protein shake that tastes like Kool-aid and got 30oz of liquids in yesterday. A personal best. But I need to get to 64oz! I also get to start pureed foods today. Which is exciting. I have pot roast with carrots and onions in the crock pot as we speak. I have no idea why, but that is what I am craving, and I will puree some of it with the gravy and see how it goes. I told a good friend of mine it's kinda like being a baby all over again...instead of breast milk, I get liquid protein, then pureed foods just like baby food, then soft foods just like you would give a toddler when they start on real's so weird!

K: Wow! That's intense! I hope the pureed stew goes over well. That does sound yummy! I'd be hungry for that after straight liquids forever. Lol!

R: I definitely want food. I'm tired of drinking everything, but I have to go slow so I don't make myself sick. My stomach is still sore, sneezing and such hurt, so I can't even imagine how painful vomiting would be if I over ate! BUT! It's not all in vain! I am down almost 30lbs since you have seen me. I've never lost weight this fast, so it's very emotional. I weighed myself this morning and I cried. Which I'm sure is a first of many tears.

I’ve always been the fat girl. I don’t know how to be the average girl.

K: Oh I bet it hurts! I can't even imagine! And holy shit that's a lot of weight lost! I'd cry too! What's behind those tears? Relief? Fear? Excitement?

R: The tears were a mixture of everything..relief that it's already working, fear and excitement of what my body will change into...I've always been the fat girl. I don't know how to be the average girl. I don't know what it's like to walk into a store and know I can shop in the regular sections and not be forced to the fat girl corner section. It's a lot to process.

But for me, it’s more than just about the weight’s about being a healthier, better me.

K: Do you have therapy through this or are you going to focus on working through it yourself?

R: I have not set up with a therapist. I'm just going to work through it myself. I saw a therapist during the beginning part of the journey because I had to be cleared. She cleared me in fifteen minutes. Lol!

K: I'm so excited and happy for you.

R: It's don't really realize how BIG you are, until you see photos of yourself. I always knew I was a big girl, but seeing those before pics makes me realize I didn't see myself in my mind as that big. It's always an eye opener.

K: I heard that a few times from people during The Body Project, too. I am often shocked by how skinny I used to be, but I had never really realized it. Funny how our brains work.

Is it challenging to see? Or liberating?

R: Right now, it's a challenge to see, but at the same time, it will be exciting to see all the progress photos side by side to compare. Eventually, I won't fear full body photos and will embrace them.


Needless to say, we're both excited for August. Our session will happen one month from the date of her surgery. Can't wait to start documenting the progress! Keep cheering Robin on!



Session 3: AUGUST

It was such a joy to finally see Robin post-surgery! You can definitely see weight-loss, but when I hugged her and said, “Wow, you HAVE lost weight!” she dispiritedly said, “Thanks, I can’t tell, but I’m glad other people can!”

I was excited to get our shots in to compare them to June’s photos, but instead I had a lot of questions about the post-surgery experience and process that Robin is going through. The most lengthy part of our discussion was about food and the dawning realization she (and I through her!) is having about how little food we need to survive, but how much emotional attachment we have to the pleasure of foods, both good and bad. She said that, if anything, this is teaching her to slow down. A lesson we all need to learn from time to time.

Throwing in a different outfit for funsies. ;)

Throwing in a different outfit for funsies. ;)

Okay! Dig in. Here’s the start of Robin’s post-surgery journey!

K: Biggest triumph so far?
R: Sleeping on my stomach again. *Laughs*



K: Biggest struggle?
R: Eating…

K: What is the easiest food to eat?
R: Protein shakes. But everything else is trial and error. One meal will sit fine, and the next sits like a rock. So I mostly eat protein shakes, and peanut butter and pretzels. For some reason that sits well. I just don’t want to be in pain.

K: Is this all normal?
R: Yes. Everything I’ve read and anyone who’s been through this has said the same things. It’s about two-six weeks of healing what’s inside, but I forgot that there’s so much more to the journey than that. Recovery is going to be a while.



K: What makes you feel lighter? When you feel defeated, what has lifted you up?
R: Hmmm...I don’t know. I don't really have an answer...feeling defeated is a daily thing right now so I just tell myself tomorrow is a new day and this is normal...

K: What makes you feel heavier?
R: Dwelling on the struggle to eat.

K: Well, I hope for your sake that eating gets easier. Woman’s gotta eat!
R: *Laughs* It will. I look at people who are three plus months out and they love to eat and try new recipes. So I just gotta be patient.

K: Any fears lingering?
R: That I will become one of those people who get too skinny because I still see myself as fat.

K: Wow...I’ve never thought about that before.
R: I see it all the time on Facebook...these women look perfectly healthy and write, "Getting there! Only 20lbs to go!" It's a slippery slope.



K: What’s your weight loss now?
R: 47lbs! 10lbs away from my first goal. I have to make little milestones so I see the progress. At my next goal, I’m getting two tattoos. I’m also off of one and half of my diabetes pills already!

K: Wow. That’s incredible. I’m so happy for you. That was a major goal of yours! Okay, anything else you feel like sharing from the journey thus far?
R: Everyone's journey is so different, what works for one won't necessarily work for another. It's a fickle beast, this new tummy. And I can only take it one day at a time.

K: Nice answer. Very honest. Thank you. It's okay not to feel light. Sometimes, you just gotta sit in the heavy for a while, right?
R: Exactly.


My favorite part of the whole day? How much Robin’s face lit up when I showed her the photos we had finished taking for this session vs. the ones we took in June.

K: How do you feel now that you’ve seen the photos from both sessions?
R: Amazed! I’m blown away by the differences. I was actually whining to my ex before the shoot that I couldn't see a difference and it was driving me insane. He and I haven't seen each other in thirteen months and he said it was the first thing he noticed when he saw me. So after the shoot, I excitedly told him I could finally see what others are seeing!

And here’s a perfect example of her happiness:

About a week later, Robin sent me this update: Just left my 6 week follow up...BMI is down another 3 points and I've lost 21% of my excess body weight!!!! I'm almost a quarter of the way to the goal weight!!!! I'm on cloud 9! And I don't have any texture limitations, so I'm open to trying any and every kind of food, so tonight I'm going to attempt salad! And I can have popcorn again! I almost did a happy dance in the doctor's office! Lol!

Hell yeah, girl! Keep kickin' ass! And all you reading, keep those positive vibes comin'! Send Robin love, hugs, and cheers.

Are you currently on a weight loss journey of your own? Head down to the comments and let us know what your biggest feat is right now.