Katy Daixon Wimer is a southern Wisconsin photographer, story-teller, soul dweller, and poet dedicated to telling your story and reconnecting you to yourself. 

Capturing and telling your stories while guiding you toward a deeper connection with yourself light her up. That’s where the magic happens.

She adores rice, her journal and cats. She’s in love with Love and deep conversation, eating really tasty food, and taking naps/kayaking with her husband (who is awesome, and also, often her second shooter).

You'll usually hear her talk about food, self-care, and feelings. Her favorite part of the day are those magic morning hours before the world wakes up where she gets to reflect and breathe. When she’s not shooting your portraits, you can catch her stretching out on her yoga mat, doing oracle card readings for insight and guidance, or taking an abundance of nature photos on Instagram. 

katy daixon photography's mission

It's simple. To tell your story: love, personal, or anything in between.

Located in Whitewater, WI, Katy Daixon Photography specializes in creative portraits, boudoir, family portraits, weddings, and story sessions in southern Wisconsin and northern IL. We are unconventional, experimental, artistic, passionate, and like to rock creativity with fun people who love Love and self-expression.