Creative Projects

We all have a story to tell or a persona we want to embody and express. These awesome humans are sharing a piece of their soul with you. Guaranteed to inspire.

Leah + Thomas' Colorful Love

Thomas and I are both Artists, and we live a very vibrant and colorful lifestyle. He performs as a minstrel, dressed in cotton tunics and hand crafted Turkish vests, and I , his Muse and dancer of his music, adorned in 25 yard skirts, beaded medallions, colorful trinkets, and a rainbow of faux flowers or feathers adorning my crown.

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Guerrilla Yoga with Brienne

Everyone should be able to do yoga. There is this mass-produced and hyped image of yoga that we see in the media of gorgeous, skinny, young, middle-class white women twisting themselves into advanced postures. On top of that, yoga studios have to charge a ton for classes in order to pay for their overhead, which reinforces that myth that only rich, young, health-obsessed people can access it. It drives me crazy that this stereotype persists.

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Robin's Mind, Body, and Spirit Transformation

On July 17, 2017 Robin will undergo gastric sleeve surgery. In the months to follow, she has to embrace an entirely new way of living and eating. Simply, she has to be even more mindful than she may be already.

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Erin's Pregnancy Project

Erin is the loveliest. A perfect example of poise, grace, and gentleness. When she reached out to me in the spring of 2015 and asked if I'd document her pregnancy, I jumped at the chance and was even more thrilled when she said she wanted it to be in the style of The Body Project. Can. Do. 

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