Leah + Thomas' Colorful Love

I met my (now) husband, Thomas, at the Bristol Renaissance Faire back in 2015. I had been swooning over him for several years prior to actually speaking to him, but this made our meeting all the more special. We fell in love instantly- and I said “I love you” a mere two weeks into our relationship.


This was VERY unlike me, as I had a “6 month before you could say ‘I love you’ in a relationship” rule already established in my mind. Clearly this relationship was different than any I had in the past. I was being led by my Heart (and perhaps a bit by my loins! Haha).

Thomas and I are both Artists, and we live a very vibrant and colorful lifestyle. He performs as a minstrel, dressed in cotton tunics and hand crafted Turkish vests, and I , his Muse and dancer of his music, adorned in 25 yard skirts, beaded medallions, colorful trinkets, and a rainbow of faux flowers or feathers adorning my crown.


Together we are a sight to behold, and thus I desired to showcase our regal beauty, at our Divine Union.


When I asked Thomas to marry me, I had already been working to create one of my most awesome headpieces to date. I have always had an affinity for birds and cultures that utilize various exotic and colorful feathers to impress and attract a mate.


My headdress took nearly a year to complete, and in this time, I also constructed a headdress for my soon-to-be husband.


Many of the attendees at our Union exclaimed that our wedding was the most remarkable wedding they had ever experienced. They were honored to have been in the presence of our combined creative expression and felt the sincerity of the Love that Thomas and I share.


I am grateful every day for the love I have been gifted.

—Leah Jurgens