Natural Cures For What Ails You


The past four days have had an interesting series of downs then ups. 1. Thursday night: meltdown to hubby about digestive issues/itchy skin due to an overindulgence of chocolate and wine Wednesday night with a girlfriend

2. Friday morning: meltdown to myself after not being able to do more than 15min of yoga due to a mind- flood of thoughts about "cheating" on my body with sugar

I started to resent, for the millionth time, the flaky, red patches and bumps of dry skin littering my scalp, ears, eyebrows, back, stomach, and part of my thighs. Almost instantly, however, I recalled this amazing list:

12 Symptoms of Spiritual AwakeningWhether or not there are actual symptoms of being spiritually awake doesn't matter to me. The things on this list would make anyone feel awesome if practiced and valued.

I recalled #5 and #7 as I debated curling up under a blanket and sulking for the rest of the day about how unfair my body is to me. Then, #11 popped into my head, and the women of The Body Project, and I remembered how important it is to love myself and to remind myself that I'm not perfect, but that I can take action toward feeling better.

I whipped out my phone and captured a photo of my skin to share with all of you: seborrheic-dermatitisand proceeded to peruse natural cures for dry skin on my laptop. This site warmed my heart and renewed my spirit: Earth Clinic. Not only did the extensive list of natural cures inspire me, but the comments from dozens and dozens of people stating that the various cures worked for them renewed my faith in getting better. I know that my dry skin is a result of years of abuse to my intestines and have accepted that the supplements I am taking will take a few years to improve my insides. All I want is something to chill out my skin in the mean time since lotion isn't cuttin' it.

The two cures that intrigued me most: Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda, both topically and via ingesting.

Later in the day, I come across a blog post (shared by a lovely member of The Body Project on Facebook) by This Above All about a natural way to wash and condition your hair: Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar! I honestly couldn't contain my excitement and immediately decided to try this out.

1/3 cup of Baking Soda mixed with a little water to make a paste                                                                      2 Tbs of ACV in 8oz of water in a cup/mug

Massage the Baking Soda into your scalp. It's really not needed all over your hair. Then, rinse. Grab your ACV water, put the bottom half of your hair into the cup/mug for about a minute, then dump the rest over your head, and rinse. My hair feels amazing. It's soft, clean, and just as wavy as when I use shampoo/conditioner, bakingsoda-applecidervinegar-hairbut my scalp, particularly the areas with my dry skin, feels SO MUCH less itchy. Read that blog post if you're one who likes to cut as many chemicals as possible from your life, or simply, your body. It was thorough and helpful.

Moral of the story: keep on keepin' on. Something as simple as researching a natural cure to one issue can propel you forward in more ways than you had anticipated.

*Next post, I'll share more awesome healthy discoveries tried out Saturday and Sunday.*


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