Empowered Strength


studio-boudoir-photography-1I had the pleasure of working with this beautiful woman last week Thursday night for a boudoir session through my photography business: katy daixon photography. Click to LIKE. ;) She's a part of The Body Project, as well, so I'll have the opportunity to photograph her, again, in a few months. What struck me about this session was how well it fit into The Body Project as she and I discussed the idea of strength, not only within our bodies but our minds as well, and how important it is to create this strength, and maintain it, in order to help us get through the shittiest of shit in life. studio-boudoir-photography-2Leah practices karate. She started after enduring an abusive relationship for five years and realized she needed to reestablish her self worth. What she discovered, unknowingly, was how much more clear and strong her mind had become when she assumed she was only getting stronger physically. I absolutely love how this poise and strength comes through, not only in her personality and the way she carries herself, but in her photographs, as well! studio-boudoir-photography-3She wanted to be sure I captured the wings tattooed on her back, as well, which I LOVE! I later found out that they are for her sister who was killed by a drunk driver at age 21. She was able to laugh about something immediately after, despite my apologies and saddened demeanor. I find it so incredible how people find ways to lift themselves up in the darkest of times. studio-boudoir-photography-4Leah, you're amazing and have totally kicked life in the ass. ;) Thank you for allowing me to share this and for being you. <3