The Body Project Session #2: The Amazon Woman- "I AM a warrior."


Today's session was feisty! Never have I been around a woman who's been so freshly dragged through the mud and STILL able to roar so loudly. the-body-project-photography-7Backstory: I almost photographed Jessica's wedding in 2012. She and her fiance cancelled to work out some kinks in their relationship. Fast forward to a month ago when Jessica "lived a Lifetime movie" during a span of three weeks that led to the end of their four year relationship. Immediately after, she saw the invite for The Body Project and contacted me to let me know that she needed to be a part of it.

Jessica is fierce, funny, and tells it like it is. She has a kind of raw energy that makes you pay attention. It's powerful and inspiring.


"I hate the words obese, fat, overweight, chubby, and all those other synonyms; just call me Amazon."

the-body-project-photography-5Since she was the only woman today, we got to spend a lot of time, not only talking about the past few years, but discussing different poses that would show off the various parts of her body displaying her affirmations. I LOVED her initiative! She had a picture drawn out of a body FILLED with affirmations, some of which we had to leave out to make sure she didn't look too busy!

Candid by Capturing Photography

When asked what has changed for her since The Body Project began, she said, "I had plenty of time before my relationship to self-discover and learn to love myself, so I didn't necessarily have to do all of that after the relationship had ended, but this is/has been a nice reminder that you can still be building yourself up."

the-body-project-photography-8Hell yeah, Jess. You are an awesome example of someone who takes life and molds it into what works for you. You are totally a warrior.