The Body Project Session #4: Familiar Comfort


I couldn't wait until Thursday/Friday to write about yesterday's session. What I had intended to write about (originally for Thursdays post that I pushed to today) was letting go since I struggled so much last week with various types of situations, thoughts, ideas, etc. that I truly needed to let go of, but couldn't. I thought writing about it would help, but instead, it hindered my desire to write last Thursdays post. So, this is letting go. I'm moving past those things and grabbing a hold of what's good, right in front of my face, right now: all of you beautiful, brave, supportive, amazing women. This is my love letter:

To Stacy and Ariana,

You two were my rocks yesterday. Thank you for your assistance with all the things that make my brain fly all different directions when my focus lies solely on communicating with, listening to, uplifting, and tuning into that one woman in front of me. I will forever appreciate your support.

To Elizabeth,

Your support of my business and this project means so much to me. You have pushed away any hesitations I have had toward how much of the body to reveal in photo shoots, not because I felt I was bordering on pornography, but because I underestimated how powerful a woman can feel in the beauty of their body, nude or otherwise. Your comfort in front of other women and the camera is inspiring. Your quiet strength (whether just in front of strangers or not) is calming and beautiful, and it humbles me. There truly is much in little when it comes to you!

Multum in parvo: Much in little

To my hometown ladies,

We grew up together in close proximity, and all I knew of you was that you were loud and proud. All of you. I will be honest, I used to be intimidated by you. You are women who definitely know how to hold your own and stand up for yourselves, something that took me a lot longer to find within myself.

Tomboy discovering her womanhood.

But now, after we've all grown, I consider you family, likely because my family considers you family, as well. ;) You remind me of my roots.


You calm my spirit, even if we're swearing and having a "louder than people would accept" conversation where opinions are flying and arms are flailing. (I'm so sorry about these moments, Elizabeth.) Your presence in my house yesterday and your support of one another while many of you struggled to find an affirmation that truly spoke to you brought a little home back into my soul.


To Amanda,

When you told each woman to take deep breaths, be calm, and think about the positives in their bodies, you likely meant so much to those women in those moments. That is an incredibly needed, important, and powerful gesture toward your love for them. It made me take deep breaths and remain calm! Thank you for reminding all of us to come back down into the moment.

You are what you love...not who loves you. I have my back.

Finally, to the woman who didn't know she could do it,

I am so proud of you. Truly. Maybe you don't realize it now, but the fact that you did a few things out of your comfort zone has opened up a little something in your soul that will leave room for more self-acceptance, or at the very least, will inspire another who is struggling, too. You have worked so hard to get where you are, and you deserve to feel beautiful inside and out. Don't forget how awesome you are AND how awesome your friends are for their love and support, even though their little nudges to go out of your comfort zone made you want a drink afterward! ;)


To all of you,

Thank you for wrapping me in a warm blanket with your enthusiasm and willingness to discuss the fundraising for this project with me, for your kind compliments about the comfort of my home, for making my home feel more like home, for your discussions about uplifting your daughters (and sons!) above the current beauty standard, and for simply loving me and each other. You're all amazing and strong and beautiful.

Love, Katy