What's Your Superpower?


One of the most precious things about this project to me personally is how much better I've gotten to know a handful of my cousins, and this next cousin's story is honest and so very fitting to the woman she is as a mother to three boys. :) Moms, you'll enjoy this.

"When Katy started this project, I was eight months pregnant with my third baby. Another boy. A baby I was told I would never have, because I was broken (which is easier to say than the medical mess of words). Already having two boys, I found myself blessed and devastated at the same time. After a deep depression, faith, and soul searching, I found acceptance. I put on my cape, my big girl pants, and decided to suck it up buttercup.


See... I have been through more in 38 years than most will see in a life time. I have been a survivor of abuse, an eating disorder, defeat, depression, and so much more. I made a choice a long time ago to be a survivor, not a victim. Most people have no idea what path I have walked. So, as I wanted to support my amazing cousin, I could not figure out my place in this project.


Would I focus on my identity? After all, I am an identical twin. I have fought to be my own person since birth. At 38 years old, I am still “The Twins”, “The Girls” or "Mark’s Twins." People say, "What’s it like to be a twin?" I don’t know, what’s it like not being one?


Would I focus on overcoming an eating disorder and the daily struggles I still have twenty years later? Or how about the abuse? Or the chronic pain I live in? Or my body? After all three kids, it is in desperate need of a good ironing.


I decided to focus on me. I found one thing that makes me proud, keeps me grounded, and is my superpower. I am a mom. I grew life three times.


Growing life is my SUPERPOWER!

I don’t live in the past. I am thankful for my past. SAY WHAT?! My past made me a really great mom because I could become the mother I always dreamed of. It truly was a gift. Everyone can have a superpower. It’s discovering it through your life’s journey that makes it uniquely your own.


Put on your cape, stretch out your arms, and fly…"


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