Do Excuses Repress Clarity?


This morning while journaling, I looked down at the little nugget of wisdom at the bottom of my Desire Map planner and read, Excuses repress clarity. For a minute, I really had to think about it.

Do excuses really repress clarity? Yeah...actually, I can see how they do.

My body tells me it needs to move, run, dance, walk, and then I say, "Yeah, but...I'm tired."

My mind tells me it needs silence because its overwhelmed by work or nagging tasks/chores (or for you moms out there, maybe your kids!), and then I say, "Yeah, but...sitting in silence is boring or a waste of time."

My spirit tells me it needs to connect with my lover or my grandma or a trusted friend, and then I say, "Yeah, but...I don't really have time."

How many times have you said: 

  • "I don't have time."
  • "I don't have enough money."
  • "I don't know enough yet."
  • "I don't have the necessary supplies/tools."
  • "I'm not ____ enough yet."

We all have these excuses. And they are starving us of the clarity we seek.

Think about it.

Dancing could help you sweat out all the pent up frustrations you have toward your job or relationship and lead you to a place of greater compassion, understanding, and acceptance.

Taking a few minutes of silence to rest your mind could lead you to the sudden realization that you are in fact unfairly overworked or that you could actually hire a babysitter every Friday to take time for yourself or your relationship or that silence is uncomfortable because it makes you remember you feel shitty and just need to do something about it.

Connecting with a loved one could provide you advice you seek for a nagging problem or heal any wounds between you and that other person that may be lingering.

The reason we make up excuses is because it's easier than clarity. Clarity sometimes brings with it more work. It means we actually need to show up, 100%, for ourselves or another person or our job. It means we might need to admit something about ourselves we don't feel like admitting. It means we may have realizations that how it's time to let go of that friend who hasn't been kind or that the intimacy in your relationship is lacking and it's because you pulled away or that it's challenging for you to be the sole caretaker of the home and you wish you had more help.

But guess what? Growth isn't easy. You know the whole idea about the seed that has to crack its shell, force its way through the soil, and then fight the elements as it settles and strengthens its roots and grows through it all? That's you. That's the only way you'll grow...when you're uncomfortable and working through the shell, dirt, wind, and rain around you. 

Do it. Reach for clarity. And then hold tight. You'll thank yourself.