Allow me to introduce myself


I'm that photographer girl you see around posting photos of other people, sunrises, trees, and cats, with the occasional selfie thrown in the mix. The truth is, I'm introverted as fuck, until you get to know me better, and then I could talk your ear off (just ask my husband). ;)

I'm writing this because I feel compelled to share. I always feel compelled to share. I'm just never sure what it is I'm meant to be sharing with you.

I could tell you that I'm super passionate about food and how it affects our bodies.
I could tell you that I'm a good singer.
I could tell you that my husband and I are disgustingly madly in love still after 13yrs, but those years have included a handful of splitting up scares, big fights, navigating sexlessness and reinvigorating passions, a large amount of deaths, and hosting roommates more than living alone.
I could tell you that I'm gluten free and struggled for years with allergy related physical issues.
I could tell you that I use tarot/oracle cards for guidance when I feel stuck.
I could tell you that I write poetry. 

I just don't have one of those stories many entrepreneurs use to leverage themselves, their business or know the ones--the Rags to Riches, Come to Jesus Moment, Life Changing Event kinda story. I'm just your average woman and entrepreneur figuring it out as I go.

And sometimes, I get scared shitless because I think I'm not doing it right or that I'm not doing enough. That good ole shadow voice pops in and says, "This isn't enough. You're not making enough, charging enough, doing enough, creative enough, innovative enough, a good enough friend, lover, daughter, granddaughter, sister."

But here's the thing. I take really good care of myself...almost too good because new opportunities that may take me away from my normal self-care routine paralyze me. So, I make big changes slowly, usually, until I see that the coast is clear and all will be well, and then I dive in. I embrace life, sure, but I don't take huge risks. I admire when people can jump in without calculation. That seems freeing...and maybe sometimes stupid, but a little stupidity can make things exciting.

Point is, my self-care routine (morning journaling/reflection, gentle yoga, sometimes rigorous Buti Yoga, afternoon walks) provide opportunities for me to sit with that shadow voice and ask, "Hey, why the hell are you here?" And then we figure it out together.

Because even though I may talk your ear off, I'm also a really good listener. And when all these webinars and advice blogs for entrepreneurs say, "Use your story. Be vulnerable. Let others see you," my thought is, Hi. I'm here. I don't have a "story," but I bet if we hang out, we'll have a ton of shit in common. Because we're human and all just figuring it out as we go. 

So, welcome, and I look forward to knowing you if I don't already (whether during photo shoots or during group/private healing arts sessions). Thanks for listening. Can't wait to listen to you.