I Have A New Nephew!

Nothing fills me with more joy than when people I love grow their family. I was giddy with excitement waiting for little Malcolm's arrival so we could tackle some adorable newborn portraits. I anticipated trying my hand at some of the stereotypical poses you see small babies in, like resting their head on their hands. 

All was peaceful when I showed up at my brother and sister-in-law's house. My sister was nursing and Malcolm's big sister Elena was playing quietly in her room. My brother took me into their room where I decided, "Let's just start casual!" These are always my favorite moments: mom breast feeding baby while dad and sister are chillin' with mom. Best. Ever.

From that point forward, we attempted all the usual cute newborn portraits while big sister played with toys near the baby and the baby (who decided he wanted to be awake for the whole session) peed during his nudie shot (not the first time in my career!). It was all classic family life and while some photographers might be frustrated with things not going "smoothly," I decided we'd swaddle that little dude and get different cute shots! Like Malcolm making pucker lips like his dad when he kissed him! 

I love you, Roy and Jess! So happy for you guys! <3


Have a new addition (puppies or kittens included!) to your family that you want cutie patootie pics of? Let's chat!