The Body Project Session #6: Community and Inspiration


Sunday's session was beautiful. The women instantly introduced themselves upon walking in the door and dove right into discussions about their bodies, how women are portrayed in society, how important it is to continue building ourselves and each other up. Everyone was so gentle with one another, listening to each others stories and taking turns talking. It was incredibly communal and felt like everyone had known each other for years. We talked so long, we had to cut ourselves off to take pictures! Then, I was asked whether the sharing and discussing of these issues and each others stories would end with the project. There was unbelievable enthusiasm when I mentioned that I may continue doing projects under The Body Project label, perhaps turn it into an organization. Suddenly, we were running down paths of ideas, some I am truly considering trying after this project. :D

To say the least, you have all made me the happiest I have been in a long time regarding my life's work. I believe this project is the beginning of that journey. There is so much more to do! SO many projects! And your support and involvement keeps me goin'. <3

Without further ado, here are the lovely ladies:

"I like being vulnerable. It challenges and scares me. In a world that accepts nothing but perfection, sharing and appreciating my weaknesses and strengths is very important. I'm learning through this project how to love and appreciate more the beautiful body God gave me, and for that, I'm so proud to take part in this. Proud to be a woman!"



"We fixate on our so-called 'imperfections.' When I hear someone mention one of theirs, it's frequently something I've never even noticed before, and I think they're crazy. So, why do I fixate? I'm probably crazy, too."



"The Body Project has really made me think about my body and how often I put myself down. Having such a supportive community has really helped me focus on being body positive and loving the body I have."



Please note: the following quote is by one woman who asked if her photo could be left out of the blog. I wanted to share her quote to keep her spirit present in this group. <3

"I can't think of a time that I didn't dislike something about my body. It's always been easier to name the things I didn't like versus the things I did. Joining this project started as just a supportive, empowering thing for me, but I've actually taken it to heart and seen a real change in how I think about myself and talk to myself. I've made a conscious effort to love myself unconditionally."

Finally, the following woman shared an interesting story with me that I feel hits on a topic likely close to many women's hearts. I'll be sharing her story and a second image of her on a later blog post. Stay tuned for that. :)

"Participating in The Body Project has been a confirmation that it is okay for me to not be perfect. I have to stop focusing on everything I don't like, and start appreciating the parts of me that rock. It has been so affirming to spend time with other ladies who struggle with the same journey as myself. We are all beautiful. Thanks, Katy, for helping us to see that!"


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