The Body Project Session #5: Who cares what my body looks like?


The session on Sunday was genuine and warm with women full of gratitude for themselves, each other, and life. Tears happened. Sincere laughter happened, especially after one of the first things our 93 year old participant said was, "I can't believe I was talked into this!" The room held an energy that felt like a giant hug. Much of the conversation focused on body acceptance and how looking at other women's bodies while they point out their insecurities has one thinking, How can that person be insecure about that? They're so beautiful. Then you realize, If I don't see her insecurities, people must not see mine, so who cares what my body looks like?

Everyone seemed so relaxed around one another and incredibly accepting of each others process and stories.

Here are the women and what they had to say. (Bonus fact: The first two images are two of three generations of women doing The Body Project).

"This has been an enlightening experience for me."



"Do you all see my new flowered underwear?"


My conversation with this woman:

Me:  "Well. Thank you for doing this."

Her:  Laughs. "Oh, you're welcome."

Me:  "And I just have to say, I would never consider you old and moldy."

Her:  "Well, maybe just moldy." Laughs.

Loved her.


"I realized I was the only person who cared about my feet."



"The Body Project has forced me to look deeper into myself and face my past, the things that have made me insecure, and the results of my insecurities. This has made me face my prejudices and body hate towards others."




"The Body Project let me step out of my comfort zone. I am finally able to accept myself and it feels liberating."


I post these pictures and get more and more excited about sharing each woman's story through the magazine or book in the end! We've come so far and have SO many more women to photograph. Let's keep kickin' ass, ladies!

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