50 Definitions of Beauty

First of all. Many thanks to the women who threw out topic ideas for this blog post on my cry for help status in The Body Project group. Also, thanks to Shannon for sharing this poem:

Perfect Beauty
by Joanne Green

The Great Sphynx of Egypt has, over the years,
lost her nose.
Venus de Milo has no arms,
And the Liberty Bell sports a great, wide crack.
And yet each of these is considered to be a thing of beauty,
A standard of perfection.

And so it must be that we do not,
as one might imagine,
look to perfection in order to see beauty,
but rather, we look to beauty,
and thereby see perfection.

It led me to a place in my brainstorming where I started creating my own definitions of beauty. Some of these may already be floating out there, but hey. What can you do?

Beauty is:

  1. Belting a song of ANY genre in the car whether the windows are up or not. (Oh shit, bitch, dats my jam!) ;)
  2. Smiling at someone else belting a song in their car whether you hate that song or not.
  3. Knowing when to say no.
  4. Saying yes when you know it will make someone's day.
  5. Wearing sweats and lipstick.
  6. Wearing a dress to go out without showering.
  7. That ugly cry in front of a friend.
  8. That ugly cry in front of a significant other.
  9. That ugly cry. Period.
  10. Forgiving someone who seemingly doesn't deserve forgiveness.
  11. Forgiving yourself.
  12. Eating cookies when you swore you'd never eat sweets.
  13. Eating an apple because you ate those cookies the day before.
  14. Loving people wholly.
  15. Loving yourself wholly.
  16. Embracing both the masculine and the feminine within you.
  17. Getting a tattoo because it's a reflection of your soul.
  18. Getting a tattoo because you thought it'd be funny.
  19. Admitting there are things you don't like about yourself.
  20. Changing things you don't like about yourself.
  21. Not changing anything about yourself because you'd rather just accept it.
  22. Intelligence.
  23. Conviction.
  24. Humility.
  25. Emotion.
  26. Emotional explosions.
  27. Laughing at yourself.
  28. Laughing until you cry.
  29. Laughing because of other peoples laughter.
  30. Ignoring standards.
  31. Saying I'm sorry when you know you should.
  32. Compromise.
  33. Honesty.
  34. Expressing who you are.
  35. Taking constructive criticism.
  36. Giving constructive criticism.
  37. Minding your own business.
  38. Lifting others up.
  39. Defending those who get torn down.
  40. Fatness.
  41. Skinniness.
  42. Awkwardness.
  43. Sportiness.
  44. Creativity.
  45. Sweat.
  46. Imperfections.
  47. Genuine smiles.
  48. Admitting that you don't know something.
  49. Confidence when you do know something.
  50. Knowing this list is one woman's opinion, and taking it to add your own definitions.

This list is endless.

What are your definitions of beauty? Send me a private message through my Facebook page or email me at katy@katydaixon.net with one definition of beauty you'd like to share, and I'll compile another list of 50 for a future post.

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