The Body Project Session #10: Grateful Beauties


I felt so spoiled by the women of last Sunday's session. They had so many compliments and questions for me that it threw me off my usual desire to open everyone else up. Thank you, grateful beauties, for your interest in my progress and future plans. I forget, sometimes, that this project is also for me to discuss, learn, and grow as much as everyone else. Your curiosity and gratefulness was just what I needed to refuel the fire on this last stretch of the project. It did make me realize that there are only two sessions left. TWO! We're nearing the end of the photography part of the project and moving closer to the creation of the book/magazine and the gallery/reception/party night in the fall! AH! <3 I can't believe we've come this far!

All gushing aside, after the session was over, I sat on my deck reflecting on the day and found myself lacking words. These women made me so incredibly comfortable, despite expressing nervousness. Many of them shared that they wanted to back out, but thought, nope. Now's a better time than any to embrace myself and these other women. AND THAT! That was so beautiful. Everyone felt a bit awkward when they showed up, so someone mentioned that great little elephant in the room, and we resorted to laughing about peeing a little when you laugh or the difficulties (for some) about pooping in a public restroom. Hey. Why not?

The flow with which the session continued was relaxed, and there wasn't a lack of conversation. In fact, my favorite topic: nudity in front of strangers vs. friends and how many of the women found it more difficult to undress in front of friends for fear of being judged by them since they know your body better than a stranger. Who instills this in us?

Nudey camp, anyone? Let's get liberated! ;)

Check out these rockin' women:


"Confidence is inspiring. The ladies in today's session appeared so confident and had such great body stories. They made me feel so at ease. We are not alone in the positive body image movement."

Celebrate Motherhood


"Coming into this, I was super nervous and anxious, wondering if everyone would accept me for me. I learned the only person judging me was me. All these beautiful ladies helped me see myself the way others see me. We are all beautiful and strong!"

Beauty Doesn't Have a Weight Limit


"What a revelation-watching women who don't know each other come together, share, cry, and bare all--I feel so supported. We all come from the same place, and knowing that is so comforting. Today, I swore to speak ONLY kindly about myself. I will remember today and the immense feelings whenever I need a boost. Thank you."

I Am Worthy


"Women coming together from all aspects of life to show off their inner and outer beauty to the world is so powerful. I'm proud to be part of this experience."

Always Beautiful.

I've earned my stripes.


"Before this project, I would have never had the courage to do something like this. It has such a strong meaning for so many people."

I love me.




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