When you awaken to who and what you are…


I am so giddy to be able to share my mom's story on Mother's Day. It could not have been more perfect timing that she did her session last Sunday. This is a woman who provided space for me to grow, create, experiment, and fail without fear of rejection. She is my number one cheerleader in life. Without her unconditional love and support, I wouldn't be the woman I am today. She is, hands down, the best listener in the world, honestly, and she has taught me to be patient with life, no matter how hard it can be. She always sees the light, even if she sometimes can't see it for herself, and her compassion embraces all.

I feel so honored that because of her support for my journey, I ended up here, producing a project that has helped her on her Self-love journey. I am so proud of you, mom, and I love you more than the moon and the stars and blue moon ice cream.


I was instructed to write and bring my “body story” along to my photo shoot. I have laid a wake many nights and spent hours upon waking in the morning going over and over and over in my head... "What could I possible write about?!” I really have nothing of any great importance to say. No great wisdom to impart. No awesome “AHA!” moment...


Do I LOVE my body? Nope.


Do I HATE my body? Nope.


Do I think I can IMPROVE my body? Yup.


Will I WORK on that? Probably not.


Look! I have been a size 3 and a size 16. I wasn’t content with either of those sizes, nor any of the others in between!! My body just WAS or IS.


THEN! I turned 55! I was asked by my daughter to participate in her “Body Project” book/photo sessions. I said, “Sure! If I lose enough weight! (She gently reminded me that that wasn’t quite the point). Ok then, if I can be fully clothed because I can’t show my flabby belly, or my wiggly thighs, or my “fluffy butt” (my mother’s name for my ample backside!).


In the months that followed before my shoot, I have NEVER, EVER thought so much about my body! I looked closely at my unclothed body daily. Which part should I photograph? Which one won’t embarrass me? And then, one day it happened! Yep! That great AHA! Moment!!


In 55 years, this body has been light and heavy, weak and strong. It carried and bore 2 babies! Now, I admit, I’m a bit overweight. I have a “muffin top." My arms are wiggly and my butt is jiggly. SO WHAT????


My body is AGING! That, alone, is a blessing denied to many! This body is my “Soul Vessel," and when it’s time for my soul to leave, I believe that not one person will talk about how large or small, firm or flabby I was! They’ll remember my smile, my laugh, my eyes, my sarcasm, my jokes, my hugs. Seriously, isn’t that all that matters??


I’m reminded of the saying taped to my mirror:


When you awaken To who and what you are… The World awakens To who and what you are Without a word spoken!


So, I awake with Joy in my heart for another day. Grateful and Blessed! I will enjoy this wonderful journey. Any time that I have left on this earth I choose NOT to spend dwelling on someone’s idea of what my body should look like and more on what or whom my journey can inspire. Peace.

Wings help me soar. Belly Fab!


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