The Body Project Session #9: Power Party


Holy rowdy, Batman. These women were best friends from the second they walked in the door. Walls dropped, bottles popped, and laughter ensued. They had fun, cried, joked around, and took the reins from me, which was new. As the one who often starts the rallying, I had absolutely no problem taking a step back and observing. We got feisty about fat and body hair and lifted a giant middle finger to societies norms. These moments wove together each woman's struggle and created a space for admitting that this is where many of them were beginning their Self-love journey. The day was a breeze filled with so much excitement and adoration of each others poses and affirmations (and fun prop ideas, too!) and ended with a sit and sip on my deck, the exchange of phone numbers, and hugs. ;) It was a powerful day with powerful women who've overcome/are overcoming a great deal in their lives.

Check these out. I love them.


"When my daughter first talked about this idea she had to keep busy during winter, to keep her creative juices flowing, to help empower women, I thought, 'Awesome! Do it!!'


Then, she asked me to participate! 'Umm...I don't think so.'


After much thought and cajoling, I agreed.


Since that day, I have been scared and nervous. Much has happened in my personal life in the past couple of months, and now, I am thrilled to shed the fear and embrace and love myself. My body hasn't changed, but my attitude has!"

Wings help me soar. Belly Fab!


"It has been my experience that women are always judging each other, and that has put a huge anxiety on myself and my relationships with other women. Focusing on the positive aspects has helped me to begin to come to terms with my curves and "squishy" areas. I have lived through so many ups and downs, this should be my focus."

He loves his squishy.


Conquered all I've seen.


"It has become clearer to me now than ever before that I am the only person who can build my confidence and improve my self-image. The way others see me is a direct reflection of how I see myself, and the only parts of my life I have control over, what ultimately defines me as a person, are my actions and my self-image."



"The Body Project helped me see and hear that a lot of women of any age have many of the same fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities toward their body. Joining also showed me that starting to love your body isn't that difficult. You just need to start."

No filter.


"The Body Project so far has shown me that I am not alone in feeling insecure at times about my body. It has given me the courage to start some positive lifestyle changes. Coming in to the photo shoot, I was extremely nervous and feeling a bit shy, but by the end, I felt super relaxed and felt like I have known all the other girls for more than an hour or two. All their stories were emotional yet uplifting. I am so proud to be a part of this!"



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