A Part of Me


"First, I'd like to say thank you for giving women a voice to empower ourselves and others through The Body Project. I think this is a beautiful portfolio of strong, intelligent, and gorgeous women inside and out." <3 R.B.  

I've forever had a love hate relationship with food. At the age of seven, I developed bulimia and have struggled with it on and off throughout my life. I always felt like my body weight was the one thing I should be able to control in life. Accepting me for me was the hardest part of overcoming my food addiction. A dear friend said to me, "Just let the food become a part of you." And it clicked! If I only ate what I really wanted to become a part of me, everything would be fine, and there would be no guilt.


Healed by Spirit


So I put my horticulture degree to work and started growing my own food and volunteering on an organic farm. Through my yoga practice and vegan lifestyle, I feel closer to the earth and at peace with my body and mind.

I'm proud of my body and how strong it is for birthing two lovely children, one of which was a home birth. And though my breasts aren't like they used to be, I'm grateful, for they have provided nourishment for my babies for a total of three years.


Peace and Love Abide

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