The Healing Powers of Love and Health


I spent the most beautiful few days with my husband in Los Gatos, CA last week at the home of my holistic doctor and his wife-- both very much an inspiration in my life, not only through physical health, but mental as well. All of our nights were spent eating the most delicious home-cooked meals prepared with fresh everything...and wine. Always wine. Happy food. Happy body. Happy mind. The Body Project came up on our last night there (likely I was bragging about the award and the gallery and the...shhhh...chance to do a gallery night/book signing at a local plus-sized boutique in the near future), and I decided not to hold back the burning question. "Do you and your daughter want to be in The Body Project?" My friend's face turned a bit red and she suddenly became quite shy. With a sheepish smile, she said, "Yyyyyyeess? Yes. Let's do it."

She and her daughter began plotting their "problem areas" and affirmations, toeing a line they perhaps had never crossed before. It was precious and humbling to be in the presence of a mother and daughter learning each others insecurities while simultaneously talking each other up. The daughter said something that struck me, "I feel like all an affirmation is going to do is remind me of the part of me I can't stand." Little did she know that within less than an hour, she would change her mind.

"Appreciation is the highest vibrational energy. Appreciating our bodies heals and enlivens our bodies."

A lot of love came from here.


"This project has opened my eyes to the fact that your insecurity is part of who you are and that you are not the only one that has issues with yourself."

European Beauty


Afterward, while indulging in bowls of chocolate pudding made from avocados (oh my god, so yummy), we fell into deep conversation about bodies and health and love, gaining male insight from our husbands into the struggles men face (more on that at a later date) and came around to the conclusion that we should let go and love. Period. My friend's daughter quickly jumped from her chair to grab her laptop so we could see a music video she couldn't stop thinking about the whole time we did the session and talked. I'm sure some of you have seen it, but it's so beautiful and worth watching over and over:

Of course, my friend and I cried, and she said, "You know what the most special thing was for me? My daughter writing my affirmation where I carried her." <3 What I love about these two women is that they love themselves regardless of these insecurities by taking good care of their bodies through natural healing and natural foods that truly have made tremendous differences in their lives. I hope to share some recipes in the future.

Talk to your kids about bodies and health and insecurities and loving themselves regardless. It's so important and so powerful.


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