What Does Getting Your Story Told Entail?

In this recent post by Nicole, someone asked: "What does getting your story told entail?" 

Which is an amazing question because I realized I've never fully shared with you all why I love Creative Story Projects and why you should too.

When Nicole and I attended the lovely Lacey Reichwald's Social Media Strategy Masterclass a few weeks ago, Lacey got everyone in the room brainstorming what the core values of our businesses are. We decided that katy daixon photography values love, creative expression, and deep connection, the three things that drive my Creative Story Projects.

Think The Body Project or Helane's Sound Goddess Project or Erin's Pregnancy Project or the one I'm currently working on with a woman journeying through life after bariatric surgery. And that's just the beginning. There are so many more in the vault. I'm even kicking around the idea of a Day In The Life series. Shhh...don't tell that I spilled the beans on that one...


The goal of Creative Story Projects (and what I love and want you to love about these) is not only for you and me to creatively express ourselves together, but for us to share your story with others who may have gone or may be going through the same thing. It fosters deeper connections. It allows us to support one another. It allows us to be seen and heard. In a society so rich with hustling and grinding all day to show success, we forget that there are other things that matter and show success! 

In short, it means a great deal to me when you entrust me with your journeys, struggles, and triumphs. And I know for a fact that it means the world to others to know they're not alone and that we're all human with lives chock full of lows and highs.

Here's a nugget of my story from The Body Project. It feels dated now. I'm in such a different place than that Katy was and I even look different, but the end goal is still the same which is why I share it with you. Some day soon, I'll share an updated version of my journey. 

Here's to being vulnerable and continuing to connect! It's challenging and so so so precious and illuminating, and we're all about the light over here and love and creative expression and deep connections. 

Want to share your story? I want to tell it. Let's chat.