Mindful Self-Reflection

There are moments when life seems so watercolor--one moment blending with the next--time irrelevant in a swirl of circumstances and emotions, and it's neither happy nor sad, it just is. I reach inward, drag out each and every thought and gut feeling, lay them out on the table like puzzle pieces, and begin fitting them together. It's there that I find what works and what's missing.

This is always my starting point: me at my most vulnerable, the raw me, the me that only I see. I face her, and together we discuss what I'm afraid of, what triggers anger, sadness, or frustration, how I hold myself back, and what gives me great peace.

The essential thing is not to let any feeling or thought arise without recognizing it in mindfulness, like a palace guard who is aware of every face that passes through the front corridor...

When we are angry, we ourselves are anger. When we are happy, we ourselves are happiness. When we have certain thoughts, we are those thoughts.

We are both the guard and the visitor at the same time. We are both the mind and the observer of the mind.

Therefore, chasing away or dwelling on any thought isn’t the important thing. The important thing is to be aware of the thought.
— Thich Nhat Hanh

Recently, I feel change--within myself, within you, and in nature. It's heavy and it's light. Sometimes, I feel it in the strong gusts of spring wind, and sometimes it sits on my deck next to me and waits. It waits for my acceptance, my patience, my compassion, my strength. It waits for an acknowledgement of my weaknesses.

And then I move forward with a clear head, remembering not to resist but embrace what is, stronger in the knowledge of Self.


How do you embrace change?


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