The Body Project Session #8: Open Hearts


This past Sunday was a real love fest. Damn did these women connect. We spent the first two hours talking intimately around snacks and tea. These three ladies are moms, and they most certainly enlightened me on all kinds of mom stuff, particularly in the realm of breast feeding, not only great details about the act and milk itself, but also the ridiculousness behind shaming it in public. What I loved most was the gentleness with which these women handled one another as everyone went around sharing their stories, their struggles, and their tears. It was moving and self-reflective and peaceful. It made me want to start a Goddess Circle/Group. <3 Oh, it'll happen, Brienne. ;)

The Dance by Matisse

"Symbolic of the cycles of nature, with no beginning and no end, no division and no sides, the circle is a space where women come together as equals, bringing the gifts of their individuality for the benefit of the unified whole." -Mia Gaia Frame Drummers

To you ladies, I extend a giant cyber hug. You've reminded me how important open, honest discussion is with all women face to face, not just online and not just with your closest friends. It's about vulnerability and trust in womanhood.

Without further ado, after such intense discussions, these women (who all assisted with brainstorming their poses, body parts, or affirmations) created this deliciousness:


"The body project has shown me that we all have insecurities, even though we are all beautiful. We all have things to overcome. I have also learned to be more accepting of myself. I enjoyed talking with the ladies today. We all had different backgrounds, but understood each other so well. I love not feeling alone."



"The Body Project has provided such a sacred space for listening--not just listening to the words, but to the souls within. We live our lives presenting a facade because we know we are judged on first impressions. It's lovely to spend time digging deeper and to see how much we all share--how alike we really are."



"It's hard to put into words what this has done for me. Those few hours were so beautiful and emotional, showing me that I am not alone; seeing and hearing are two very different things. The fact that The Body Project crossed through my life path is beyond amazing, and I am so grateful. These ladies that took part in this today are so beautiful. All five women made me feel so connected, and I am thankful beyond words. This is just the beginning of my fight to love myself. And it has started perfectly."



I'm not going to lie, I was awfully sad to know that only three women out of 11-13 were participating this day, but the love that poured out of each of these women made the room feel full of people. I am so grateful to have this beauty fill my house week after week and to see/hear the changes you are all embracing in your lives.


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