Spring Drunk and Feeling Alive


Oh, hello, May, you beautiful beast.

Anyone else drunk on Spring? I mean, my goodness. Talk about instant jello the second that sun came out and warmed my winter spirits right up. 

The strange dance of light and dark with these stormy skies the last few days has inspired introspection and solitude, highly recommended before the major surge of mid-spring to early summer hype begins. Spend a few days super tuned-in, maybe by tuning out/turning off/unplugging (whatever works for you!) and use that incredible awareness to hone in on your body's energetic cues. What uplifts your energy and what's draining it? 

Super helpful exercise: Sit in your favorite place, light a candle if you like, breathe deeply for a bit, and take stock of your body's energetic cues. Then, write down two columns: Uplifts and Drains and note what has been uplifting you or draining you recently. Now, set intentions around what will continue to uplift you because who doesn't want to feel empowered? Flood a page with intentions that will uplift you. Once finished, circle what stirs you the most. As you sit on those intentions, make three columns: Mind. Body. Spirit. Pull intentions from your circled words that primarily uplift your mind and put them under that column. Continue from there with the other two columns. Do another circling of what stirs you until you narrow down to 3-5 intentions that will ultimately uplift your mind, body, and spirit throughout the month of May.

My intentions: Alive. Present. Pleasure. Intuitive. Of service.

Reflection: Something about focusing on intentions that specifically uplift me mind, body, and spirit made this exercise even more enjoyable. Maybe it's because being drunk on Spring tends to make me want to ignore all the things (both positive and negative) and just lay in the sun. Lol! But feeding that which uplifts you will surely decrease that which drains you...or at the very least, make the draining stuff less noticeable or easier to handle.

What intentions did you set? Share in the comments!