Owning Oneself, Priestesses, and Bloom Kombucha: #thingsiminlovewith

Things I'm in love with right now.

Book I'm Devouring:


This is the story of King Arthur told from the perspective of all the women of his life. It's so full of power and magic and delicious details about Druid life and the way of the Priestess. It's also amazing commentary on religions/beliefs. I disappear from this world while reading it. Yum.

Album that Stokes the Fire Within:


A Tribe Called Red by A Tribe Called Red. They're an electronic DJ collective from Canada known for their mix of hip-hop, reggae, dubstep and First Nations (the predominant indigenous peoples in Canada south of the Arctic Circle) musical traditions.

Go-To Person Lately for All Things Stars and Planets:

Chani Nicholas She's so intelligent, insightful, and oftentimes provides a good giggle with her Facebook posts about planetary activities.

Making the Belly Happy:


GT's Spring flavor: Bloom. It's so fresh and not too sweet with a hint of floral. (I swear I don't sell for them. It's just THAT yummy.) ;) Get you some!

Inspiration for Owning Who You Are:

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 1.28.16 PM.png

This session I did with the oh-so-awesome Racheal was a little study/reflection on masculine vs. feminine stereotypes and how much the lines blur when it comes to being gender fluid. Empowering stuff. So fun to photograph.